Shoot 11— Victorian Ripper, Grimdark Knight & Viking Marauder

Shoots 11 & 12 were a big step for Team NeoStock, as this was the first time we’d shipped models in from further afield!! We’ve teamed up with two great historical interpreters from the West Country to collaborate on a total of SIX concepts for our libraries, over a two-day shoot…

The overall shoot had a ‘dark historical’ flavour, gritty and cinematic (the NeoStock way!!) Our concepts were: Victorian Ripper, Grimdark Knight, Viking Marauder, Old West Cowboy, and Urban Fantasy.

Here’s a look at the sets from our first day shooting:

Victorian Ripper:

NeoStock - Mike V, Victorian Ripper, Stock Photography

The Demon Barber?

NeoStock - Mike III, Victorian Ripper, Stock Photography

Blades at the ready…

NeoStock - Mike III, Victorian Ripper, Stock Photography

He Waits…

NeoStock - Mike II, Victorian Ripper, Stock Photography

In Pursuit

NeoStock - Mike I, Old West Cowboy, Stock Photography

Jack the Ripper Inspired

Grimdark Knight:

NeoStock - Karlos V, Grimdark Knight, Stock Photography

The Chaos and the Fury

NeoStock - Karlos IV, Grimdark Knight, Stock Photography

A man on a mission

NeoStock - Karlos III, Grimdark Knight, Stock Photography

A brief reprieve…

NeoStock - Karlos II, Grimdark Knight, Stock Photography

Hooded Fury

NeoStock - Karlos I, Grimdark Knight, Stock Photography

King Arthur Pose

Viking Marauder:

NeoStock - Karlos V, Viking Marauder, Stock Photography


NeoStock - Karlos IV, Viking Marauder, Stock Photography

Poised and ready

NeoStock - Karlos III, Viking Marauder, Stock Photography

In silence he waits

NeoStock - Karlos II, Viking Marauder, Stock Photography

Into battle

NeoStock - Karlos I, Viking Marauder, Stock Photography

The crown rests on a troubled brow

View the full galleries from these three sets at:

Mike G Victorian Ripper NeoStock Gallery

Karlos Grimdark Knight NeoStock Gallery

Karlos Viking Marauder NeoStock Gallery

There’s another three sets to land from this shoot, which we’ll be sharing tommorow!! Old West Cowboy, Steampunk Adventurer, and Urban Fantasy – a helluva spread 😛

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Shoot 011 Credits:

Photography: Tom Parsons, Hair & Makeup by Suzanna Forrister-Beer (Makeupps by Suzanna), Models: Karlos Moir, and Mike Garrett. Shot at Fire Eye Land studios, Margate.

— Team NeoStock