Shoot 7 — Urban Fantasy and Young Adult Adventure

Team NeoStock move forward this month, with more Urban Fantasy stocks and a new genre for us: Young Adult.

Our new model Billie has a great innocent look, which would be great for a wide range of cover concepts. Here’s a look at what we got for NeoStock Shoot 007:

Urban Fantasy:

NeoStock -Billie I, Urban Fantasy, Stock Photography

One Girl Against the World

NeoStock -Billie II, Urban Fantasy, Stock Photography

Sassy Casual

NeoStock -Billie III, Urban Fantasy, Stock Photography

Dual Wield

NeoStock -Billie IV, Urban Fantasy, Stock Photography

Magic Hands

NeoStock -Billie V, Urban Fantasy, Stock Photography

Pensive Crouching

Young Adult Adventure:

NeoStock -Billie I, Young Adult Adventure, Stock Photography


NeoStock -Billie II, Young Adult Adventure, Stock Photography

Crouching MAgic Hands

NeoStock -Billie III, Young Adult Adventure, Stock Photography

Into the Crypt…

NeoStock -Billie II, Young Adult Adventure, Stock Photography


NeoStock -Billie I, Young Adult Adventure, Stock Photography

Kinetic Action

Be sure to stay tuned for more cinematic stocks, new content coming monthly!! In the meantime, you can join the project, and have a say in what we create by coming onboard at our NeoStock Focus Group.

Shoot 007 Credits:

Photography: Tom Parsons, Model: Billie Crittenden. Shot at Fire Eye Land studios, Margate.

— Team NeoStock




NeoStock Mission Statement

We are NeoStock — a boutique stock photography company that produces figurative images for Cover Designers and Digital Artists worldwide.

Our aim is to produce cinematic photo resources, stepping away from the overtly sexualised / boudoir aesthetic that’s very prevalent in the stock photography sphere. That means gritty realism, PRACTICAL armour, and a sense of dramatic intensity in everything we do. Visual story-telling is our game, and we’re here to tell the best stories possible.

Through our Focus Group, a team of nearly 400 publishing professionals (cover artists, authors, publishers, and readers) assists NeoStock in developing these resources each month — driving the direction of the concepts / costumes / poses / props / and models. This is a truly community-driven endeavour, allowing us to eliminate much of the guess-work, and produce exactly what the market needs.

One of the major ‘time-drains’ in producing composite artwork is having to hunt through page upon page of search results on the major stock sites for resources. More often than not, you have to compromise / make-do with an inferior image — which in turn means you have to ‘Frankenstein’ your way to a desired result (an even greater hassle / time expenditure!!) All these hours build up, and results in a tremendous expense for the cover artist. With our entire gallery tailored for composite artwork, there will be less ‘noise’ to filter through, speeding up the ‘stock-hunting’ process immensely and leaving MUCH MORE time for the creation of artwork.

As genre-specialists we focus on most literary genres, however with one notable exception: Romance. The Romantic genre is currently very well catered for in the stock photography sphere, so we side-step that world in order to focus on other areas not so well represented, including: Horror, Post-Apocalyptic / Dystopian, Sci-Fi, Action, Fantasy / Urban Fantasy, Western, Historical Warfare, Film Noir, Crime and many others. We take new suggestions daily and strive to cover all the woefully under-represented stock concepts that are desperately needed!!

We take production value very seriously, favouring ‘real’ props and costumes over replicas, and ensuring our costumes / models are suitably grimey and weathered, where needs be. Our characters are designed with practicality in mind, in respect to the ‘world’ they inhabit. That means we don’t rely on unnecessary sexualisation or gratuity to sell our stories.  Our shots are also composed with a ‘portrait’ layout in mind, ensuring easier integration with book covers and poster art.

We’re a young company (less than six months old), and I’m truly humbled to say we’ve made a phenomenal start thus far. The above represents what we believe in, and ultimately what we’d love to achieve.

All the best

Team NeoStock

(Be sure to join us at the NeoStock FB Focus Group, where you can become part of the team help steer the direction of the next generation of stock photography!! 🙂)


Shoot 003 – Urban Fantasy & Government Agent Stock Photography

The gears are really moving here at NeoStock… After many rounds of feedback in our Focus Group, we took onboard all the comments to make our next Urban Fantasy set even better than before.

The main requests were more ‘dynamic’ poses / facial expressions, inclusion of a bladed weapon, and a long trenchcoat. These suggestions definitely resulted in much more powerful shots, as you can see:

Jade II Urban Fantasy Stock Photography

Monster hunter

Jade IV Urban Fantasy Stock Photography

Contemplating revenge…

Jade III Urban Fantasy Stock Photography

Summoning the mystic energies…

Jade I Urban Fantasy Stock Photography

Into the crypt…

Jade V - Urban Fantasy Stock Photography

X-Men pose!!

The second half of the shoot was focused on a more sedate ‘Government Agent’ concept — a series of stock photography images that would suit Espionage / Thriller concepts.

We’re working on improving the tactical poses / trigger discipline for these shots. Not totally perfect yet, but getting there!!

Jade Government Agent II Stock Photography


Jade Government Agent I Stock Photography

Danger is imminent

Jade Government Agent Stock Photography

Agent Jade, is on the case…

Jade Government Agent IV Stock Photography

The Detective deep in thought

Jade Government Agent III Stock Photography

Action stations


Shoot credits:

Photographer: Tom Parsons, Model: Jade Reed. Shot at Fire Eye Land Studios, Margate.

Be sure to join us at the NeoStock FB Focus Group, where these images are NOW available, at a special early bird rate 🙂

— Team NeoStock



Shoot 002 Previews – Assassin / Urban Fantasy

Shoot 002 was a great success, we managed to get a great selection of images – and ALSO, extremely helpful feedback from our Focus Group for future shoots.

Our two concepts were Urban Fantasy, and Tactical Assassin. For future Urban Fantasy concepts, we’ll definitely be incorporating bladed weapons, and more ‘dynamic’ / action oriented poses.

Photography by Tom Parsons, modelled by Catarina Alfonso, makeup by Beauty by Ruby. Shot at Fire Eye Land Studios (Margate, UK).

Catarina Tactical Assassin

Catarina Tactical Assassin

Catarina Urban Fantasy - Stock Photography

Catarina Urban Fantasy

Be sure to join us at the NeoStock FB Focus Group, where these images are NOW available, at a special early bird rate 🙂

— Team NeoStock

Planning for Shoot 2: Tactical Female Assassin, Contemporary Heroine

For our stock photography, ‘moodboards’ are a big part of the developmental process. With a visual palette, we get ideas for costumes, poses and composition.

Next weeks shoot we’ll be tackling two concepts, Tactical Female Assassin, and Contemporary Heroine.

Here are the moodboards in preparation for the shoot!!

Female Tactical Assassin stock photography research

Female Tactical Assassin concepts

Contemporary Heroine / Urban Fantasy stock photography research

Contemporary Heroine concepts

Be sure to join us at the NeoStock FB Focus Group, where you get to have a say in the images we produce 🙂

— Team NeoStock