Shoot 004 — Classic Zombie & Killer Redneck

Shoot 004 was an exciting one for the team as this was our first ‘Makeup FX extravaganza’… a HORROR special that really showcases the cinematic-level of production value that we’re striving for.

The first segment of the shoot, was ‘Killer Redneck’ – a particularly nasty concept, where the props we had to hand were equally ugly!!

NeoStock - Mike V Killer Redneck, Stock Photography

Cleetus always enjoys a closeup

NeoStock - Mike I Killer Redneck, Stock Photography

Swingin for the fences!!

NeoStock - Mike II Killer Redneck, Stock Photography

Men at work…

NeoStock - Mike III Killer Redneck, Stock Photography

The Texas Chain-Swing Massacre

NeoStock - Mike IV Killer Redneck, Stock Photography

The film poster pose…

If you thought our redneck was intense… things got seriously schlocky for the ‘Classic Zombie’ segment of the shoot, where NeoStock makeup artist Dave Fox displayed his mastery of the craft:

NeoStock - Mike V Classic Zombie, Stock Photography

Gnarly details

NeoStock - Mike IV Classic Zombie, Stock Photography

When there’s no more room in hell…

Get over here!!

NeoStock - Mike II Classic Zombie, Stock Photography

Those ‘low’ zombies, always a nightmare

NeoStock - Mike I Classic Zombie, Stock Photography

Buy one Get One Free for all brains in-store

For our next ‘Horror Shoot’, we’ll be working with a female model on ‘Classic Zombie’, and ‘Demonic Possession’ concepts – and I’m sure it will be a blast, just like this one. Seriously good fun!!

Shoot credits:

Makeup: Dave Fox, Model: Mike Butler, Photography: Tom Parsons, Zombie Costume: Sofie Dodgson, Redneck Costume: Bea Wolff. Shot at Fire Eye Land studios, Margate.

Be sure to join us at the NeoStock FB Focus Group, where these images are NOW available, at a special early bird rate 🙂

— Team NeoStock


Shoot 003 – Urban Fantasy & Government Agent Stock Photography

The gears are really moving here at NeoStock… After many rounds of feedback in our Focus Group, we took onboard all the comments to make our next Urban Fantasy set even better than before.

The main requests were more ‘dynamic’ poses / facial expressions, inclusion of a bladed weapon, and a long trenchcoat. These suggestions definitely resulted in much more powerful shots, as you can see:

Jade II Urban Fantasy Stock Photography

Monster hunter

Jade IV Urban Fantasy Stock Photography

Contemplating revenge…

Jade III Urban Fantasy Stock Photography

Summoning the mystic energies…

Jade I Urban Fantasy Stock Photography

Into the crypt…

Jade V - Urban Fantasy Stock Photography

X-Men pose!!

The second half of the shoot was focused on a more sedate ‘Government Agent’ concept — a series of stock photography images that would suit Espionage / Thriller concepts.

We’re working on improving the tactical poses / trigger discipline for these shots. Not totally perfect yet, but getting there!!

Jade Government Agent II Stock Photography


Jade Government Agent I Stock Photography

Danger is imminent

Jade Government Agent Stock Photography

Agent Jade, is on the case…

Jade Government Agent IV Stock Photography

The Detective deep in thought

Jade Government Agent III Stock Photography

Action stations


Shoot credits:

Photographer: Tom Parsons, Model: Jade Reed. Shot at Fire Eye Land Studios, Margate.

Be sure to join us at the NeoStock FB Focus Group, where these images are NOW available, at a special early bird rate 🙂

— Team NeoStock