Shoot 10 — Medieval Ranger and Urban Fantasy

There has been a desperate lack of female Medieval Ranger / Assassin / Archer concepts in the world of stock photography… We’ve set out to remedy that, with an intense new set starring our new model Liepa!!

Aside from the Medieval Assassin concept, we also captured some great Urban Fantasy shots, which are always versatile for a wide range of genres.

Here’s a look at some of our favourites from the shoot.

Medieval Assassin:

NeoStock - Liepa I, Medieval Assassin, Stock Photography

Call to Arms

NeoStock - Liepa II, Medieval Assassin, Stock Photography

Deadly Archer

NeoStock - Liepa III, Medieval Assassin, Stock Photography

Warrior with Dual Swords

NeoStock - Liepa IV, Medieval Assassin, Stock Photography

Summoning the Magic

NeoStock - Liepa V, Medieval Assassin, Stock Photography

Archer Assassin

Urban Fantasy:

NeoStock - Liepa V, Urban Fantasy, Stock Photography


NeoStock - Liepa IV, Urban Fantasy, Stock Photography

Magic Hands and Sword

NeoStock - Liepa III, Urban Fantasy, Stock Photography

Prowling the Perimeter

NeoStock - Liepa II, Urban Fantasy, Stock Photography

Whimsical Pose

NeoStock - Liepa I, Urban Fantasy, Stock Photography

Time for the Hunt

View the full galleries for both of these sets at:

Liepa Medieval Assassin NeoStock Gallery

Liepa Urban Fantasy NeoStock Gallery

We have a seriously exciting shoot coming up, where we’ll be capturing a wide range of historical concepts with a grizzled viking model!!

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Shoot 010 Credits:

Photography: Tom Parsons, Hair & Makeup by Suzanna Forrister-Beer (Makeupps by Suzanna), Model: Liepa. Shot at Fire Eye Land studios, Margate.

— Team NeoStock

Shoot 8 — Tactical Assassin and Apocalypse Hero

Greetings Stock fans. For Shoot 008, we’ve mixed it up somewhat, with two high-octane concepts with our new model Regis!!

Our first concept is ‘Tactical Assassin’, a future-tech / borderline sci-fi military concept, that can be used for a variety of genres and stories. Our second concept is ‘Apocalypse Hero’, a more everyman look, depicting a blue-collar guy, facing impossible odds!!

Here’s a look at some of the images we captured…

Tactical Assassin:

NeoStock -Regis VI, Tactical Assassin, Stock Photography

On Patrol

NeoStock -Regis V, Tactical Assassin, Stock Photography

Coffee Break

NeoStock -Regis IV, Tactical Assassin, Stock Photography

Morning Jog

NeoStock -Regis III, Tactical Assassin, Stock Photography

Everybody Knows KungFu

NeoStock -Regis II, Tactical Assassin, Stock Photography

Bat ‘er Up

NeoStock -Regis I, Tactical Assassin, Stock Photography

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Assassin

Apocalypse Hero:

NeoStock -Regis I, Apocalypse Hero, Stock Photography


NeoStock -Regis II, Apocalypse Hero, Stock Photography

Who Goes There?

NeoStock -Regis III, Apocalypse Hero, Stock Photography

It’s GO Time

NeoStock -Regis IV, Apocalypse Hero, Stock Photography

Into the Fire

NeoStock -Regis V, Apocalypse Hero, Stock Photography

Taking Stock

View the full galleries for both of these sets at:

Regis Tactical Assassin NeoStock Gallery

Regis Disaster Hero NeoStock Gallery

Be sure to stay tuned for more cinematic stocks, new content coming monthly!! In the meantime, you can join the project, and have a say in what we create by coming onboard at our NeoStock Focus Group.

Shoot 008 Credits:

Photography: Tom Parsons, Model: Regis Stafford. Shot at Fire Eye Land studios, Margate.

— Team NeoStock

Shoot 002 – Assassin & Urban Fantasy Stock Photography

Shoot 002 was a great success, we managed to get a great selection of images – and ALSO, extremely helpful feedback from our Focus Group for future shoots.

Our two concepts were Urban Fantasy, and Tactical Assassin. For future Urban Fantasy concepts, we’ll definitely be incorporating bladed weapons, and more ‘dynamic’ / action oriented poses.

Photography by Tom Parsons, modelled by Catarina Alfonso, makeup by Beauty by Ruby. Shot at Fire Eye Land Studios (Margate, UK).

Catarina Tactical Assassin

Catarina Tactical Assassin

Catarina Urban Fantasy - Stock Photography

Catarina Urban Fantasy

View the full galleries for both of these sets, at:

Catarina Tactical Assassin NeoStock Gallery

Catarina Urban Fantasy NeoStock Gallery

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— Team NeoStock

Planning for Shoot 2: Tactical Female Assassin, Contemporary Heroine

For our stock photography, ‘moodboards’ are a big part of the developmental process. With a visual palette, we get ideas for costumes, poses and composition.

Next weeks shoot we’ll be tackling two concepts, Tactical Female Assassin, and Contemporary Heroine.

Here are the moodboards in preparation for the shoot!!

Female Tactical Assassin stock photography research

Female Tactical Assassin concepts

Contemporary Heroine / Urban Fantasy stock photography research

Contemporary Heroine concepts

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— Team NeoStock