Shoot 26 – Zombie Characters Stock Photography

Brace yourselves horror-hounds: NeoStock’s ‘Zombie Characters’ collection has landed!! There’s a whopping 19 zombies, and 600+ images to choose from – the LARGEST zombie stock photo gallery in the world!!

Gone are the days of trawling Shutterstock for hours, to settle on an over-used / sub-par zombie for your cover art… This collection is a treasure trove for many horror sub-genres; including Zompoc, Comedy Horror, Demonic Possession, ‘Rage Virus’, and more!!

Here’s a look at some of the images from the set:

NeoStock - Zombie Characters - Stock Photography V

The Classic Zombie

NeoStock - Zombie Characters - Stock Photography IV


NeoStock - Zombie Characters - Stock Photography III

The Lurking Fear

NeoStock - Zombie Characters - Stock Photography II

Chowing Down

NeoStock - Zombie Characters - Stock Photography I

Rotten Chic

View the full gallery for this set at:

Zombie Characters Stock Photography Gallery

Coming up next: MORE zombies!! Our next set to be released, will be ‘Zombie Horde / Zombie Groups’ – absolutely everything you need for your Zompoc covers!! More info landing soon 😉

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Production Team: Photographer Tom Parsons, Lead Special Makeup FX artist Dave Fox, Makeup Assistants Becky Grey, Yasmin Bedford, Helen Day, Zombie Assistant Ottie Knuvelder, Shoot Assistant Pippa Howard, Costumier Sofie Dodgson. Shot at Fire Eye Land studios, Margate.

Zombie Cast: Ottie Knuvelder, Rahman Samed, Jim Dunk, Rhomy Knuvelder, Lucas Holt, Natasha Bizarra, Paddy Clarke, Iain Dawson, Argie Boaler, Mark Stretch, Hannahdp Murphy, Cheyenne Knight, Sarah-Jane Knight, Tom Scally, Nick Chapman, Shazza Bean, Jade Baxter-Webb, Matt Smyth

— Team NeoStock