The Genre Specialists

The images you always needed, but could never find… We’re working with world-class Makeup-FX artists, and historical re-enactors to produce film-quality Horror, Sci-Fi, & Fantasy resources for your creative projects.

Cinematic, Not ‘Boudoir’

We know you want dramatic intensity, so we’re side-stepping the cheesy grins and un-necessary sexualisation that plagues stock photography. Our ladies wear practical armor, and LOOK like they’re ready for battle!!

Hundreds of Dynamic Poses

The NeoStock Pose-System is the secret-sauce behind the project, ensuring you have HUNDREDS of full-frame pose options to choose from per model. Perfect for series and multi-use projects, and saving you the hassle of ‘Frankensteining’ body-parts!!

Donna - Urban Fantasy Poses - NeoStock Stock Photography
Regis - Tactical Asassin - NeoStock Stock Photography


Q: Can I buy images from NeoStock right now?
Indeed you can!! We’re currently selling stock images via our Facebook Focus Group, where you can access all of our galleries, and purchase our Single-Images / Image-Packs direct. If you’re not a Facebook user, drop us a line at admin [at] neo-stock dot com and we’ll be more than happy to accomodate you.

Q: How much are your Stock Photos?
At present, we’re running a special deal for our Focus Group members… 5-Image Packs at $75 (USD), and Single-Image sales at $25 (USD). These prices will be reviewed once the official platform is rolling, but will definitely remain competitive.

Q: Will you be producing shots with diverse ethnicities / body-types?
Demand has been seriously high for stocks featuring ethnic / body-type diversity, so we’ll be doing everything we can to deliver a broad range of models. Our model-roster is humble at present, but we’re aggressively seeking new and interesting faces everyday!!

Q: Will you be producing Romance stock images?
There are already LOTS of awesome Romance ’boutique’ stock sites out there, so our goal is to cover all the genres / concepts that are under-represented. We specialise in Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy, however lots of our resources would be great for a wide range of Romance sub-genres.

Q: What other concepts will you be shooting?
There’s a huge list of concepts we want to tackle, but the shoots we’re most excited about are: Zombie Hordes • Future Soldiers • Werewolves • Medieval Rangers • Steampunk • Daemonic Possession • Greek Goddesses • Pre-Raphaelite • Elven Warriors… and much more!!

Q: I love what you guys are doing, how can I help?
There are two things you can do to help the NeoStock project at this stage… jump on-board our Early-Bird List to receive our updates, and join our NeoStock Focus Group to have your say in what we create!! Telling your friends / purchasing stock-images will really help us move toward the next stage, of building the platform.


All comments and enquiries are welcomed

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